Yoga Fun in NYC
Brian and Tati
We live and practice yoga in NYC and one of the things that we love to do is explore the many fun things that exist in NYC from comedy shows, to tours of Central Park.

We spend the holidays in Tati's home in Sao Paulo, Brazil and we like to surf and just relax.
We practice a style of yoga that is a mix of Iyengar, and Hatha yoga. As yoga teachers, we love to teach our yoga classes in NYC so that everyone feels supported and has an opportunity to enjoy and benefit from the yoga class.

Brian and Tati host a meetup group. See the link to join. It's free.

In addtion, Brian and Tati conduct private yoga sessions for the Hilton Hotel and their guests. Besides that Brian teachs regular classes at NYSC. See class schedule for more details.
Tree pose Vrksasana is about being present and focus.
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