Yoga Fun in NYC


Here is a list of commonly asked questions that may be of assistance to you.

1. Are the classes open to anyone?

Yes. All classes are open to the public. Note that NYSC classes are open to members of New York Sports clubs only as other classes that we teach for yoga studios like Yogaworks.

2. Is preregistration required?

No preregistration is required for all classes. You can just drop in.

3. Are the classes good for beginners or first time yogis?

Absolutely, come with an open mind and heart and begin your yoga practice. If you are coming for the first time see question on how to dress that follows. Make sure and let us know that this is your first class so we can give you modifications for some of the poses as needed. Also, be patient with yourself when doing the class because there may be people in the class with more experience but it's not a competition. Yoga is a practice.

4. How do I dress for class?

Dress comfortably. Similar to what you would wear for a run or workout in the gym. Comfortable clothes. Jeans and button down shirts are not recommended as it's difficult to move around in them. I usually wear a Tshirt and sweatpants.

5. What style of yoga do you teach?

We teach a blend of Hatha, and Iyengar yoga. If those terms are foreign to you, it means that we teach alignment based yoga which is ideal for beginners. It gives you the opportunity to learn the poses from the basics and be challenged at the same time.

6. What level are your classes?

Classes are open level so if you are beginner you are welcome to come as well as a more experienced yogi.

7. Where can I rent or buy a mat?

We bring extra mats to all of our indoor classes. You can rent one for $2 or buy one on our site under the link Yoga accessories. For the outdoor classes, we bring a couple of extra mats which are free to use.

8. Do I need private yoga sessions to start because I am new or have an injury?

First of all, always check with your doctor before starting any brand new excercise program especially if you have an injury.
If you have an injury, or are very new you can come to the group classes as well but it's a good idea to come a little early or at least make us aware of your injury so that we may give some suggestions on how to modify traditional poses.

Yoga private sessions are also a good idea since you can learn at your own pace and get more personal attention.
In addition, your practice can proceed at a more rapid pace due to the private attention. There are many, many benefits. In addition, you might do privates first and then come to a group class. Or you may not be able to make a group class due to a busy schedule.

9. How much do yoga private sessions cost?

They range between $40 to $100 per hour depending on number of sessions per week, number of sessions prepaid, time of day, day and where you want them held. They can be held in your home or business in Manhattan or our studio. Email for more precise information.

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