Yoga Fun in NYC



 Tadasana may seem a very easy pose with not so much importance. But when you start to deepen your practice, you will realize that this is the basic pose, the pose which all of the other ones derive. Very often, you will find yourself looking for a piece of Tadasana in your practice. So let's give a special attention to this pose.

Start from the base. Place your feet together, big toes to touch. Press all of the four corners of your feet down evenly on the floor. Draw your inner arches up as you firm your outer ankles in.
 Engage your thighs. Draw your front hip points up as you send the thighs back.
 Lift the sternum up and soften your front ribs. Draw your shoulders back and away from the ears. Arms straight by your side and point your fingertips down toward the floor.
 Gaze forward, chin parallel to the floor and align your neck with the rest of your spine.

 Now you are ready for Tadasana!!! Have fun!!

When we practice yoga, we are not striving for perfection but correct alignment is essential to being able to prevent injury and reap the most benefits from each asana. So with that in mind, we are presenting this asana with a few helpful tips on alignment. As always, it is recommended to consult a phsyician before begining any excercise program. 

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